MB Music Productions
focus on Film, Television, Radio, theatre and Corporate work.  

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MB Music Productions BBC highlights include:

Meet the Challenge (BBC1),
Blockbusters (BBC2),
House Invaders (BBC1),
Party of a Lifetime (BBC1),
Mission Investigates (BBC Radio4),
BBC Watch (BBC1),
Think About Science (BBC1),
Bruce Forsyth's Generation Game (BBC1), 
Playdays (BBC1),
More Nosh Less Dosh (BBC Radio 5),
Bull (BBC Radio 2).

MB Music Productions independent television and satellite credits include:

First Dance (ITV)
Bootsale Treasure Hunt (ITV)
Trading Treasures (ITV)
The Story Of Us (Discovery)
The Fastest Men on Earth (ITV/Discovery),
Win Lose or Draw (ITV),
Michael Barrymore's Strike it Rich (ITV),
Backdate (Channel 4), 
Soccorati (Living TV),
Pennis Pops Out (Granada/LWT),
Truth or Consequence (ITV),
Get Wet (ITV),
Holiday Hotel (ITV),
Motorway Life (ITV),
Postcards From the Hedge (Sky One),
Nickalive (Nickelodeon),
Pick Nick at Six (Nickelodeon),
No Limit (Sky One),
Shoot! (Sky One),
Follow That (ITV),
Picture Box (Channel 4),
Ghoul-Lashed (Sky One),
Comedy Rules (Sky One),
Gruesome Grannies from Gobshot Hall (Sky One),
Butterfingers (ITV).


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Other credits include corporate work for:
National Childrens' Homes
Virgin Atlantic
General Motors
Mirage Hotels